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Bama signee Moussa Gueye may miss entire season

Bama basketball signee Moussa Gueye, a 7'0" center at Lake Land Junior College in Illinois, may be sitting out the entirety of his sophomore year. If that is indeed the case, and he enrolls as expected next year at UA, he would then have three years of eligibility instead of two.

Gueye has been battling a leg injury that kept him out all offseason and for the first two months this season. Supposedly he is healthy enough to play now, but it seems as though Gueye prefers to sit out the rest of the season and use a redshirt, thus allowing him the three years of eligibility once he transfers to UA.

Apparently, though not surprisingly, this has led to a conflict between Gueye and his JuCo head coach, who for obvious reasons no doubt thinks he should play this season. Here's what Tuscaloosa News basketball recruiting reporter Greg Ostendorf had to say about the situation:

What I understand is that it’s a matter of Gueye and the Lake Land coaching staff having a difference of opinions on his return to the court.

This has led to a schism between the two parties and ultimately the most recent suspension.

I do know there was nothing serious as far as an altercation or arrest that was the reason for the suspension.

Link: Moussa Gueye suspended indefinitely

I certainly understand the Lake Land coach's frustration in this matter, but I also understand why Gueye wouldn't want to use a year of college eligibility or possibly risk aggravating his injury just to play less than half a year of JuCo ball.

Gueye was considered by many to be the top JuCo center in the nation, and Bama was able to sign him over offers from Indiana, USC and Texas. He would be a huge boost to our frontcourt next year if he enrolls healthy, but the biggest concern with him has always been that he is injury-prone. At this point we should probably just be happy if he is completely healed and ready to compete by next fall. If he is, he will likely play a big role for the Tide in the paint next season.