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Mack Brown's Long Hangover Finally Ends

After proverbially chugging a case of Red Bull in an attempt to cleanse a disappointing 5-7 season, Texas head coach Mack Brown claims he's back. Apparently there was an issue underlying all of the struggles last season, and despite the Shaggy Bevo meltdowns to the contrary, it wasn't exactly Greg Davis. Per the Associated Press:

[Mack] Brown said Monday the most important part was his self-evaluation. He believes he never got over the disappointment of losing the 2009 national championship game and it affected the entire season.

Doesn't it feel nice that we apparently contributed so much to all of those meltdowns? But if Colt McCoy had not been injured...

Having said that, though, while it's fun to point and laugh a bit, sadly enough the reverse is just as true with us. Texas never got over losing it, and we never got over winning it... at least not until a middle-of-the-road South Carolina team took us to the woodshed, and by that point it was far too late to rectify all of the underlying issues that had been bubbling under the surface for months on end. Moving forward, let's hope that a new year brings with it a renewed sense of dedication and commitment to excellence. The Fourth Quarter Program begins next week, and with it the seeds of the 2011 season will begin to be planted.