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Bo Davis Takes Texas Job; Clemson D-Line Coach 'Bama Bound?

As expected, according to several Texas websites, Alabama assistant Bo Davis has taken a position with Texas. According to the Texas 247 Sports site:

Bo Davis will be the next defensive tackles coach at the University of Texas, has learned.

Davis has spent the past four years as Alabama’s defensive line coach. He is expected to replace the spot that was vacated by Mike Tolleson, who retired in December.

For now we don't have any specific confirmation of this report by traditional news organizations or by any affilliated with Alabama -- it's all Texas recruiting subscription sites at this moment -- but having said that I don't think there is any real reason to doubt the news at this point.

Meanwhile, though not confirming the news precisely, other media outlets do have Alabama moving on for other candidates, and per the Tuscaloosa News it looks like we are lining up Clemson defensive line coach Chris Rumph as the replacement for Bo Davis. Things may obviously change, but it seems like Rumph is all but a done deal:

A source with direction knowledge of the situation told The Tuscaloosa News that Rumph has informed the Clemson coaching staff that he has accepted a position to coach at UA.

For what it's worth, if Rumph is the hire, you'll certainly hear no complaints out of me. Rumph largely fits the mold for many Saban assistants, i.e. a young, energetic guy who can recruit and who has produced legitimate results on the field. Clemson is a bit of a train wreck to put it nicely, but no one can legitimately complain about the performance of their defensive line under Rumph. Da'Quan Bowers was dominant, and with Andre Branch, Jarvis Jenkins, and Brandon Thompson, Clemson easily had one of, if not, the best defensive lines in the country. Also, consider it lagniappe that Rumph played in the SEC (South Carolina), and that he spent two years under former 'Bama defensive coordinator Kevin Steele, who undoubtedly gave him a recommendation to Saban. If Rumph is the choice, by all accounts it is a very good one.

Also, for those of you dreaming of three straight national championships and 73 sacks if we can somehow sign Jadeveon Clowney, I'll point out that Rumph has recruited Clowney to Clemson. That probably does not hurt our chances, though I still tend to doubt Clowney ultimately ends up in Tuscaloosa. On a final note, click here for Rumph's bio from the Clemson site (warning: PDF).