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Sugar Bowl Open Thread: Arkansas v. Ohio State


Ohio State brings the best damn sales team in all the land to New Orleans tonight, and with any shred of integrity long since disposed of, will look to put some of their SEC bowl game demons to rest. Meanwhile, for Arkansas this is the biggest game they've likely had since the old Southwest Conference days. If the Hogs are serious about ever becoming more than an also-ran of the SEC, now would be the time to start. Also, as an added bonus this will likely be Ryan Mallett's final college game before turning pro and eventually being suspended by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy after testing positive for crystal meth, so you have that too.

No real explanation needed as to who we are all pulling for in this one, but I must admit I just have a bad feeling about this one. Arkansas strikes me as one of those teams just barely good enough to get there every few years, just not good enough to win it. It probably doesn't comfort me that every other time the Hogs have been on the national stage in my lifetime they have soiled the bed (see the Hand of God). I'm banking on Arkansas losing a close game late due to a stupid interception in the closing minutes, but here's to hoping that I'm wrong.