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US Army All-American Bowl Open Thread


Several 'Bama commits in action in this one, although to the best of my knowledge no commitments are planned to UA during this one. Either way, chime in here with all of your thoughts and comments.

Update: It's official, Brent Calloway de-committed from Alabama early in the broadcast and just committed to Auburn. Weird, weird deal all the way around. He's definitely a very good player, but he had been committed to 'Bama for over a year, and apparently a midnight conversation with roommate Johnathon Rose (Auburn commitment) changed his mind. Making things even more odd, during his entire announcement both he and his family had the demeanor as if they were getting bad results back on a cancer screening. He did have an official visit scheduled to 'Bama on the 21st, and it could still happen, and perhaps he switches back to 'Bama at some point. Quite frankly, though, I imagine Saban just says to hell with the whole thing and moves on to someone else, either in this class or in 2012. If he wants to go to Auburn, that can be his loss, a lack of raw talent will never be a problem for 'Bama so long as Nick Saban resides in Tuscaloosa.

Update II: Dee Hart commits to Alabama, as expected. Doesn't take long to listen to him to figure out that Ha'sean Clinton-Dix played a huge role in his decision. Nice pick-up for the Tide here, especially since Hart looks to be a fairly versatile player who could play in a few different roles.

Update III: Dee Harts wins the MVP Award of the 2011 US Army All-American Bowl.

Update IV: Hilarious stuff that you just cannot make up: Four star WR / LB Kris Frost committed to Auburn during the game, talking the whole "felt at home" and "family" bit the whole damn way. Just one problem, per Auburn UnderCover:

Unfortunately for Kris Frost, Auburn doesn't have room for him and will not be accepting his commitment.

The really bad news for Frost is that Auburn probably already put in a stop-payment order on the check. You can't help but feel a bit sorry for the kid, but he should have known who he was dealing with and he should have had a better understanding of exactly where he fit into their class. He only has himself to blame, but nevertheless hopefully he can rebound somewhere else if things don't work out at Aubun. He seems like a talented kid, so I'm sure he'll end up on scholarship somewhere.