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Yes, Auburn Players Are Dumb and Delusional

No day spent hating Auburn can ever truly be considered wasted. To that end, a couple of quick comments on two quotes from Auburn players in a recent Pat Forde column:

"We got booed at the [Phoenix Suns] basketball game pretty seriously the other night," center Ryan Pugh said. "Outside the SEC and the southeast, we probably aren't real well-liked, because the SEC has been winning."

News flash for you, cheap-shot, you aren't real well-liked in the SEC or the southeast, either. You and your teammates are widely despised based on your own merits, not because of which conference you are affiliated with or what region of the country your campus is located in. You could move your program to Montana and play in the Big Sky Conference and people would still hate you.

"I would hope Alabama fans will root for us," said defensive end Michael Goggans.

Did you root for Alabama against Texas in the title game last year, Michael?

"To be 100 percent honest with you, I didn't."

You want to be 100 percent honest, Mike? Good. Here goes: My cold, dead, rotting corpse will be spinning in my grave six feet below the earth before I root for Auburn come tomorrow night. I don't give a damn if Oregon comes out with Fidel Castro under center and Bernie Madoff split out wide to the left, I'll be a Duck for at least one night.