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Week Seven Open Thread

Football for breakfast this glorious Saturday morning brings us Game One, AG (After Garcia) in Columbia. Think of The Day After Tomorrow except the tidal waves and natural disasters get replaced with copious amounts of booze and bad football. The Connor Shaw era begins this morning with a road trip to Starkvegas, as Dan Mullen and his Bulldogs look to find a way to stay the hell out of Birmingham. Meanwhile, 'Bama and LSU have done wonders for the Gamecocks' chances in the SEC East, but today figures to be a must-win if the garnet and black expect to return to Atlanta this December. Catch this one on your local SEC affiliate at 11:21 central.

In other action around the country, Brady Hoke and his Michigan Wolverines finally face an opponent with a pulse (well, sort of) as they travel to East Lansing to take on in-state rival Michigan State on ESPN at 11:00 central. Baylor takes on Texas A&M in College Station on FX, also at 11:00 central, as Robert Griffin III looks to continue his torrid pace and the Aggies hope to keep their Big XII hopes alive. Miami takes on North Carolina in the Impermissible Benefits Bowl, and Penn State will face Purdue on the Big Ten Network. Wisconsin gets another patsy, this time in the form of hapless Indiana.

We'll have the afternoon thread posted later on, and the 'Bama threads will come later this evening, but in the meantime chime in here with all of your thoughts and comments.