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RBR Player of the Week: TRENT RICHARDSON

It feels a little ridiculous even posting who won RBR Player of the Week this week. It was a done deal a little after 7:00 p.m. on Saturday after Trent Richardson's breathtaking 76 yard TD run. You can see my reaction to it on Twitter. 

Daniel Moore probably broke his ankle diving for his paints after that run.

Overall, he had 183 rushing yards on 17 carries (10.8 avg) with 4 TDs. He also had two receptions for 30 yards. 213 yards on 19 touches (11.2 avg). Simply amazing. Looking at his individual runs, it's not like his stats were hyper-inflated by the one 76 yard run. There were only three, maybe four carries that went for zero, one or two yards. Besides those, he was absolutely gashing their defense for big runs and needed yardage. As OTS has said on more than one occasion, enjoy the rest of his 2011 season because he's not coming back for his senior year.