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Alabama vs. LSU: Let The Madness Begin

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Bama LSU
Bama LSU

With the Saturday slate of games completed, the bye week has come to an end and the full-on frenzy for the Alabama Crimson Tide tilt with the LSU Tigers in Bryant-Denny Stadium on Nov. 5 can begin in earnest. And, boy howdy, has it ever.

Media outlets are already scrambling for labels to denote the rare regular-season tilt between the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the land; "The Game of the Century," "The Matchup of the Millennium" and even "Armageddon in Alabama." Satellite vans are arriving as fast tailgating tents are popping up on the Quad. The insanity is upon us.

Rather than standing aloof from this, we at Roll Bama Roll encourage you to embrace it. Wholeheartedly, completely and without an ounce of shame. Drain every iota of enjoyment you can out of the upcoming week because it promises to be glorious spectacle. To start you off, here is a roundup of the stories previewing the upcoming contest from around the interwebs.

Game of the Century: No. 1 LSU at No. 2 Alabama have all the ingredients |

The first ingredient for any Game of the Century is a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup. A hot coaching rivalry and an historic venue can certainly spice things up. Alabama-LSU six days from now will have all that and more.

Can’t wait to get in? | The Associated Press

Two weeks of frenzied pre-game buildup. Behind the scenes TV maneuverings. Four-digit ticket prices. This 1-versus-2 showdown between LSU and Alabama has both the hype and the feel of a game played in January with a title actually on the line instead of just a potential shot and Southeastern Conference West frontrunner status.

Importance of game against LSU football team not lost on Alabama fans |

There's not an inch of wall space at Rama Jama that isn't covered with photos, posters, old newspapers, jerseys and other Alabama memorabilia. So there's no better place to start getting a handle on the local level of anticipation for the Game of the Millennium between the undefeated and second-ranked Tide and the No. 1 LSU Tigers, now just seven days away.

Bama fans infiltrating traditional LSU Tiger territory |

Many local 'Bama fans insist the rivalry mostly exists in the minds of LSU fans. Auburn, they gently admonish, is the most hated Crimson Tide enemy. But the LSU-Alabama rivalry has gained traction in recent years.

No SEC game equal to LSU-Bama '11 | Shreveport Times

It's another Game of the Century — "Armageddon in Alabama."

LSU, Alabama to join elite list | The Advertiser

Sports Illustrated's Dan Jenkins and others compare the Alabama vs. LSU game to previous regular season No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchups.

LSU-Alabama, the Game of the Century of the Week |

As college football fans gear up for the big LSU-Alabama battle, a question about whether any colossal regular-season matchup can match the big games of old.

Hype & hope: The big game |

Tickets and tailgating spaces will be in high demand and anticipation will only grow as the showdown grows near. But for the teams, ex-Crimson Tiders from North Alabama say, this week is about avoiding the hype.

Tent city springs up in heart of Bama quad | Daily World

An estimated 1,700 tents — the most in the past two seasons and close to double the number from the 2010 Iron Bowl — will spring up Friday. With that, miles of extension cords snake from the two massive generators that power the hundreds of satellite dishes and flat-screen televisions.

Sellers seek big bucks for UA-LSU game tickets |

FanSnap CEO Mike Janes said the average asking price of about 3,000 available UA-LSU tickets from their network of sellers peaked Wednesday at $804. On Thursday, the price fell for the first time in a month to $789. The ticket’s face value is $70.

Ticket brokers expect demand for BCS title game to take off after Saturday

As the BCS narrows in on the top-ten teams during the months of October and November, the prices of BCS National Championship Bowl tickets start dipping below the $1000 level and after touching $750 mark in November, go ballistic by next year’s January, peaking in the $3,000-$4,000 range.

Record Crowd Expected for LSU vs. Alabama Showdown | WHNT

UA officials say they are anticipating a crowd of 140,000 people on our campus and about 250-to-260,000 or more people in Tuscaloosa on gameday.

Big game, big money |

Restaurants, bars and hotels will ring in the green, as will many retailers near the stadium and other visitor hot spots. Ahmad Ijaz, an economist at the University of Alabama Center for Business and Economic Research, said most game-day weekends bring an extra $15 million into the local economy.

Rivalry gets kicked up just a notch | The Advocate

Now, as you look at the LSU-Alabama rivalry, at the heights to which these two programs have achieved, you have to ask the question: On the eve of the titanic collision between No. 1-ranked LSU and No. 2 Alabama, are we in the midst of a Southern fried version of the Ten-Year War starring the Tigers against the Crimson Tide?

Les Miles leads LSU football team from turmoil to triumph |

That ability Miles possesses -- to compartmentalize anything, from a major tragedy to minor distractions, and focus on the now -- has served him well while coaching "Team Turmoil" to an 8-0 record and No. 1 ranking heading into Saturday's epic clash against No. 2 Alabama. That game will provide another test of his ability to insulate his team from the massive hype buildup coming this week.

A contrast in style | The Advertiser

Miles is Jimmy Stewart. Saban is Clint Eastwood.

LSU-Alabama Daily |

Jerry Hinnen breaks down the upcoming Alabama vs. LSU game in a series of in-depth posts at CBS Sports College Football Blog as the teams complete their bye weeks and head to the showdown in Bryant-Denny Stadium on Nov. 5.

LSU & 'Bama QBs Are Ready For Battle | WWL - AM870 | FM105.3

When the first week of August hit the calendar, the starting quarterback positions for both the top ranked LSU Tigers and #2 Alabama were big question marks.  Since that time you would have to say that both starting QB’s for the Tide and Tigers have come a long way. 

LSU-Alabama football series known for its fascinating history |

The Times-Picayune longtime sportswriter, Peter Finney, offers a glimpse into the colorful past between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers.

BCS guru Brad Edwards to speak at UA Ferguson Center Nov. 3 |

Still having trouble understanding how the BCS works? Don't worry, you're certainly not alone. But to help alleviate some of the confusion is ESPN's longtime BCS analyst Brad Edwards, will will speak on Thursday, Nov. 3 at 6 p.m. in the Ferguson Center's heritage room on the University of Alabama campus.