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'Bama Remains Third in BCS Standings

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No real surprise here with Alabama holding serve by remaining third in the BCS standings, but the real story is the relationship between spots three through six. Per ESPN:



The lack of movement in the top three was a given considering that all three won with relative ease this past weekend, but none of that really matters for the time being. As long as LSU and Oklahoma State keep winning, we have nothing to discuss here and the two teams appearing in New Orleans is a foregone conclusion.

We'll have more on the subject later this week on RBR, but the short of it is that there are four games remaining -- Oklahoma State against Iowa State and Oklahoma, LSU against Arkansas and Georgia -- and a loss by the Cowboys or Tigers in any of those four games will result in mass chaos. At that point, positioning among 'Bama, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Arkansas will become the key, and that should be the focal point of the current standings.

'Bama currently sits third, and for the time being has a relatively comfortable lead over Oregon, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The gap between 'Bama and the rest is currently smallest in the Coaches' Poll, but the separation in the Harris Poll is slightly larger and an even larger margin still in the computer polls. Having said that, though, Oklahoma and Arkansas have games remaining against the top two teams in the country and therefore both have an opportunity to catapult up the rankings. Fortunately, though, Oregon looks tapped out at this point. A win over USC will not hurt this weekend, but it's hard to see them closing the gap on 'Bama if the Crimson Tide can win against Auburn. Barring voter crucifixion of the Tide, Oregon looks to be on the outside looking in, and truth be told Oklahoma is probably the bigger threat right now.