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How Are You Watching the Georgia Southern Game?

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Per the terms of the SEC television contract, no more than one game per team per year will appear on pay-per-view. Considering the schedule padding that goes on everywhere in college football these day, you can pretty much guarantee that each team will have one game on PPV. The dubious honor of being our PPV game for the year falls to Georgia Southern. I imagine the price will vary from cable system to cable system, but on a quick Google search, I found it's $35 for standard definition and $40 for HD on the U-verse. While that's still cheaper than a game ticket (barely), it's still a lot for a once off game that we're expected to roll big in...especially when people are accustomed to all games being on broadcast television or cable. I know a lot of people shrug the PPV games off and don't buy them, so the question for the week is "How do you plan on watching the Georgia Southern game this weekend?"