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Hell Freezes Over: Iowa State 37, Oklahoma State 31

Voices callin', voices cryin'.
Some are born and some are dyin'.
Voices callin', voices cryin'. Some are born and some are dyin'.

That sound you just heard was Hell freezing over. Iowa State, a twenty-seven point underdog against Oklahoma State, has just pulled off the upset 37-31 in double overtime. It's the biggest win in Iowa State football history and more importantly it has absolutely massive BCS Championship implications, as now a one-loss team is guaranteed to reach New Orleans.

Is that team Alabama? Perhaps so, and frankly this is the absolute best case scenario for the Tide. Not only does this guarantee a berth for a one-loss team and knock Oklahoma State out of the running, but it also goes a long way to taking the wind out of the Oklahoma Sooners' sails. With no more Game of the Century: II on the slate next weekend in Stillwater -- and instead a game where a favored Oklahoma team will face an Oklahoma State team likely not even ranked in the top five -- suddenly Oklahoma cannot get the big boost with a win in Bedlam, and now believe it or not 'Bama now likely finds itself pulling for the Pokes two weeks. Additionally, is 'Bama now pulling for LSU to dispatch of Arkansas a week from today? I think the answer may be yes.

Here at RBR we've been great skeptics of any legitimate possibility of Alabama reaching the national championship game after the loss to LSU, but after this shocker tonight that has to change. Let's give a word of caution: this is still far from over and 'Bama could still get easily screwed over by the pollsters in favor of a team like Oregon or Oklahoma, but for the first time since November 4th, it can not only be said that the Tide reaching New Orleans is now legitimately possible but perhaps even probable.

Addendum: Relevant quotes from ESPN BCS guru Brad Edwards from the postgame:

"As you would guess from looking at the standings, Alabama is the big winner... In the race between Alabama and Oregon, you have to like Alabama.... Alabama is ahead of Oregon even after Oregon's biggest win of the season at Stanford, so that's unlikely to change... Outside of Oklahoma State, Oklahoma is the team that lost the most."

Addendum II: Perhaps not entirely true, but some team reaction courtesy of Barrett Jones: