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Looking Out for Counterfeit Tickets to the Alabama vs. LSU Game

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With the demand for tickets to Saturday's Alabama vs. LSU contest reaching somewhat insane levels, the liklihood of counterfeit tickets being circulated is high as well. Obviously, the university will not honor fraudulent tickets to the game. Several news outlets have listed a series of things to look for in order to check if the tickets you have are authentic.

  • Real tickets have a script Alabama "A" on the back which is revealed by gently rubbing a coin on the ticket.
  • Real tickets have a moving hologram on the front.
  • Tickets that come from a season ticket holder have perforations on the top, bottom and right side of the ticket. The left side is smooth.

If you have purchased tickets to the game and want to ensure they are authentic you can go by the UA Athletic Ticket Office at Coleman Coliseum through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to have them verified. On game day tickets can be verified at the stadium by reporting to Gate 3 or Gate 32 (ticket windows typically open three hours before kickoff).