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BCS Standings: 'Bama with Commanding Lead in Second Position

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As expected, the SEC West seized control of the top three positions in the BCS standings, the first time in BCS history that teams from the same conference have done so. The full standings from ESPN:



Pay close attention, though, to Oklahoma State. Mike Gundy and company may have dropped like a stone in the Coaches' and Harris polls, but yet again the computer rankings absolutely love the Pokes and accordingly their national championship hopes remain alive, albeit exceedingly slim and on life support. Could Oklahoma State jump Alabama with a win against Oklahoma in Bedlam? It's at least theoretically possible given their strength in the computer polls, but even with that they would need a win and an unbelievable amount of anti-'Bama / anti-rematch backlash for that to happen. I wouldn't really worry about it coming to fruition, mind you, but at least be aware of it as a long-shot possibility. Either way, we'll be pulling for the Sooners in two weeks just to remove all doubt.

On our end, 'Bama currently holds a commanding lead in the second position over Arkansas and as a result the Tide largely controls its own destiny in the BCS. To be certain there are a few scenarios out there that could result in 'Bama being left out come the second week of January, but realistically a win on the Plains for the Tide and UA can start packing its bags for New Orleans. Beat Auburn and 'Bama gains even more ground on the rest of the field and the Tide can largely rest easy on the final weekend.

The real question here, though, is what happens if Arkansas somehow knocks off LSU, and any discussion on that front is really little more than guess work. We can talk about it until we're blue in the face but no one really has a firm grasp on the subject, and frankly several different scenarios could easily occur. ESPN BCS guru Brad Edwards stated earlier that Alabama would move to #1 if Arkansas beats LSU, but as we discussed last week so much of that is really just unfounded speculation because no one knows exactly what the collective response will be from the human polls.

Whether or not Alabama fans should even want such a scenario, however, is up for debate. Frankly, If 'Bama can get to New Orleans without having to go through Atlanta, more power to LSU and we'll see you in the Superdome; no use playing an additional game that would otherwise only limit your chances of winning a national championship. Strange as though it may seem, we probably have a more clean, straightforward path to New Orleans if LSU runs the table in the final two weekends.

Either way, all scenarios for 'Bama are predicated upon beating Auburn this weekend, and before anyone gets too carried away with the crimson-tinted possibilities, all attention should be focused not on BCS standings but on playing well down on the Plains in six days.