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POLL: What Is Your Prediction for Saturday?

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Even though this is typically more of a Friday question, it's Thanksgiving week and folks will be traveling and spending time with their loved ones and away from their computers for the next couple of days. I thought it appropriate to go ahead with this topic today so here goes...

Suffice it to say, there is a lot riding on Saturday. First and foremost is a nearly guaranteed berth into the BCS Championship Game if we are victorious on the plains. A win on Saturday will likely rematch us with LSU in Game of the Century II. I know people bash on Auburn and shrug them off as insignificant and as "little brother" (or sister as some of you prefer), but how insignificant is Auburn going to feel if the unthinkable happens on Saturday? They're clearly out to play spoiler and they're going to throw everything they have at us. Given the dire predictions about their season, them sitting at 7-4 right now is pretty good and 8-4 with a victory over us would put their fan base over the moon, whereas 10-2 would leave us out of the national championship picture and dejected with back to back losses to both LSU and Auburn. Save all of the insignificant talk for someone else, because Saturday, nothing else matters and the team's mantra of Never Again lets you know just how significant it is. We could lose our bowl game and be 11-2 and still hold our heads up. Lose this game, win our bowl game, be 11-2 and we'll talk about how this year was a failure. We're on the road, the pressure's on us. How do you think it'll all shake out?