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Your Black Friday Hoodoo Thread

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Folks, the Football Gods work in mysterious ways. After losing to LSU we all thought our season was effectively over (THEM BAMMERS AIN'T NEVER HAPPY THEY'D A WON 12 GAMES AND GONE TO A BCS BOWL AND STILL THOUGHT THIS SEASON WAS A BAD ONE PAAAAAWWWWWWLLLLLL!!!!1), yet here we are, sitting at #2 in the BCS with pretty much everything having gone our way to secure our ticket to the National Championship Game. We still need some help, though. First, we've got to get by Auburn. Second, Oklahoma beating Oklahoma State would really help us avoid any "SEC fatigue" from the human voters who might decide to jump them ahead of us to avoid a rematch. Third, ditto for Virginia Tech. If they can win the ACC title game in spectacular fashion and be a 1 loss BCS conference champion they would give the human voters another opportunity to avoid a rematch. That last one's a long shot, but crazier things have happened. So with all that in mind, we sacrifice for you once again, Football Gods:

Chime in with your own sacrifices in the comments below. Roll Tide.

You're welcome.