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What to Watch: Week 10 of the 2011 College Football Season

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I'm not even going to lie, I don't care one iota about any other game this weekend. From the the final whistle of the Tennessee game until now, I haven't even watched a football game. Sure, there's been football on in the background of places I've been, but I have not picked up the remote with the intention of watching football. With that being said, I'm going to need some sort of distraction on Saturday until 7:00 p.m. There are some games of consequence on this weekend, but it's a shame that they overlap with ours. As always, all times are central and all rankings come from the BCS poll.

TEXAS TECH at TEXAS - 11:00 a.m. - FX

Oh Wingnut, what kind of team do you have over there in Lubbock? You defeat the mighty Oklahoma one week and then lose to Iowa State the next. As has been said on more than one occasion, it's a blast to watch a Texas game while perusing the live game threads on Shaggy Bevo. Might not be a bad way to get your Saturday going. This game is a win for us either way: if Texas wins, we get a Tubs loss...if the Red Raiders win, we get another epic meltdown. What's the opposite of a meteor game?

VANDERBILT at FLORIDA - 11:21 a.m. - SEC Network / ESPN-GP / ESPN3

Florida's mediocre and Vanderbilt is too, but at least Alabama proved themselves to be the hipsters of college football: we were beating Florida this year before it was cool. Both teams come into this game with a 4-4 overall record, but both have losing conference records. Their .500 records have come about by beating up on the sisters of the poor. Florida's "signature win" this year is over Tennessee, Vanderbilt's is UConn. That ought to tell you about all you need to know about this game. It made this list for two reasons though: 1) trying to find something on early in the day that an SEC fan might remotely care about and 2) hoping against hope we see a mushroom cloud go off in Gainesville if Vandy can pull off a victory. I imagine the Gators will win, solely because Vandy's Vandy, but we can hope right?

TEXAS A&M at OKLAHOMA (6) - 2:30 p.m. - ABC / ESPN2 / ESPN-GP / ESPN3

Somehow, despite being a giant pile of suck, Texas A&M is still fourth in the Big XII. That's not going to help them any against Oklahoma though. Bob Stoops & co. are trying to climb back into the spotlight and did pretty well with that last weekend by absolutely pasting a massively overrated Kansas State squad. You've got to imagine Oklahoma will be back in the Top 5 this week given that #1 or #2 will fall. I imagine the Sooners will be on cruise control until the battle with Oklahoma State in their last game of the regular season.

SOUTH CAROLINA (9) at ARKANSAS (7) - 6:15 p.m. - ESPN

Talk about your unheralded Top 10 tilt. South Carolina is 7-1, but has looked like an absolute train wreck getting there. On one hand you could say they should be undefeated, on the other you could say they should have another two losses or so. Arkansas' only loss has come at the hands of Alabama, but they've had a couple of ugly wins lately over the likes of Vanderbilt and Ole Miss. Georgia could certainly use some help from the Razorbacks. I'm giving the nod to Arkansas considering they're at home and thinking SoCar can't possibly keep stumbling along and winning like this...I think.

KANSAS STATE (14) at OKLAHOMA STATE (3) - 7:00 p.m. - ABC / ESPN2 / ESPN3

Nobody's going to watch this given what time it's one not in Oklahoma or Kansas that is. Sure, it's a Top 15 match-up, but I seldom believe Kansas schools can actually put a solid football team together. Shouldn't they be off playing basketball or something? I imagine the Cowboys do to K-State what Oklahoma did, but in orange uniforms.