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Your Friday Hoodoo Thread | Week Ten

ed. - WARNING: The admissions contained in the comments are not for the faint of heart and/or easily offended. Bravo bros and ladybros. Bravo.

Eight wins, eight Nickelback songs.  This is our season folks, and if you don't listen to all eight in one sitting, then you're not doing your part.  Listen.  Listen to them all.  Your sense of hearing (and temporarily taste, because Nickelback is so bad in certain doses it will cause you to be unable to taste anything but hatred for at roughly 72 hours #LittleKnownFact) is a small price to pay for a win over LSU.  DO IT FOR THE TEAM.

Now if you're not too busy cleaning up the blood that just shot from your ears (#Metal\m/), please enjoy your weekly visit from Ms. Vandervoort after the jump.

You're welcome

To be trite and cliched, go hard or go home people. Lay it all on the line with your admissions and hoodoo and whatever you've got in the comments. No sense in holding back now, since a loss here and you'd have been saving it for nothing. Roll Tide.