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#2 Alabama 6 - #1 LSU 9 | Post Game Thread

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My kingdom for Leigh Tiffin.
My kingdom for Leigh Tiffin.

Missed opportunity after missed opportunity after missed opportunity. We figured this game would come down to the team that could execute on a more consistent level than the other team, and with two missed field goals and one blocked field goal in regulation, a turnover on the goal line, an injured return man letting good field position slip away because he couldn't field a punt at midfield, two dropped passes and a stupid substitution penalty and a stupid sack and another stupid missed field goal in OT...well, we can't put this one on anyone but ourselves. Congratulations LSU. Y'all made us pay for our mistakes while not making any of your own, and when there are two teams as evenly matched as these that's what you have to do. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be under my bed pretending today didn't happen.