The TJ Yeldon Meltdown Thread

Those who are on Twitter saw much worse, but here are a few funny nuggets from Auburn boards to pass the time. Feel free to copy and paste any additional funnies in the comments:

If something fishy is going on, lets find out. Is Daphne in Mobile or Baldwin County? Are their Probate records online for use to view? As in the Calloway situation, look also for slight mispellings of the family name as they hid a tax lien payoff that way in Franklin County. They can always go back and file a correction, long after the fire dies out, or the kid gets processed. Check for mortgage satisfactions or new deeds of record in the next 30 days. Any other public records that can be checked? Anyone work in either county in proximity to the courthouse there?
Switching is fine, but show some class when you do it. This kid's obviously a piece of crap thug.
Hopefully he'll suffer the same fate as Brent Calloway, Dee Hart, and Cyrus K. Yeldon = worthless piece of ****. Yea, I'm "classless" I don't care, f all of them.
This certainly rots. I'm going to love finding the money trail. Right now its hard to tell if he played us or if he was simply paid off. Going to check this out right now.
What is it $puat offers to the kid's families that Auburn doesn't? At least now he gets his 5th star back.
Guess that mortgage got paid off.
Must have recieved his charger. and the school recieved their $200,000 for the upgrades.
Congratulations Alabama, you assholes can cheat and get away with it and Auburn is too much of a pansy to do anything about it.
The little piss ant did the whole thing on purpose and it was time. Alabama is a piece of crap and I hate that school. I hope they go down forever after this crap!
Okay Folks...Where There Is Smoke... there is fire. What we know: 1. Yeldon committed to AU last June and has never publicly waivered. 2. Yeldon takes a visit to bammer and thereafter, his friends post on Facebook that he was offered 200k to come to bammer. 3. A few days ago, bammer boosters start posting online exactly what just happened, i.e., that Yeldon would switch, who would announce it and when. 4. What they predicted just happened exactly in that fashion.
One day they will get sloppy and they will go down in flames. They're getting pretty close...
That is why we need to switch to the SEC East and focus more on Georgia and Florida in recruiting.
Something is very fishy And I hope we don't take it lying down. No one, not even the mighty crimson turd, gets three major flip flops the way they have in the last two classes without some seriously fishy sh!t going down... Cyrus, Calloway, and now Yeldon. ***??? John Thrower must be rolling over in his grave. I cannot believe we don't have a team of private investigators digging up every thing we can on the REC. It's time to take the gloves off. Those scumbags need to be taken down by any means necessary.
The suits, the SUVs, the rims and the HS facility upgrades. The list goes on.
I am tired of the "crying to the NCAA and SEC" posts. Lets get some real investigators involved, not retired professors who are way out of their league when dealing with what appears to be the basis of RICO cases like the University of Alabama Athletic Department.
Finally someone who knows how bammer and the REC operates. The only way updyke was linked to Albert Means was thru the RICCO investigations into money laundering. PBJ and his many companies are the prime source for many of the REC needs. PBJ is just the latest in a long line of updyke bankers!
This is how bammer does it. You take a kid that is not necessarly a good player but his parents are big supporters and have assets. Then you room him with a five star recruit that has nothing. The next thing you know the kid with assets lets the five star borrow his Escalade anytime he wants. Then the kid just so happens to leave hundred dollar bills on his desk and what do you know? " They vanish" Actually you do not have an NCAA violation.
It's past time we went nuclear winter on the whole lot of them. Starting with Steve Savarese and the cronies he left behind at Daphne, through the SEC hq's, and straight into that cesspool in tuscaloosa.

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