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Missouri vs. North Carolina: Pick 'Em & Open Thread

Our current record in bowl pick 'em as a blog is 4-3.

7-5 (5-4) 5th Big XII

Independence Bowl
Independence Stadium
Shreveport, LA
4:00 pm CST

7-5 (3-5) 4th ACC Coastal

I hate the Big XII with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns and would normally cheer for North Carolina in this contest, but Missouri briefly helped put the Big XII Conference's existence in jeopardy, so I've got to pull for them in this one. No guarantees on this in the future though seeing as I love watching our rivals fail miserably (6-6 Florida, back to back losing seasons for Tennessee lol.) That being said, I hope Missouri wins eleventy bajillion to zero and chants "SEC! SEC ! SEC!" all night despite me hating that chant.

My irrational hatreds aside, neither team has done anything particularly impressive, unless you count beating Iowa State as impressive (ZING!) North Carolina beat four BCS conference teams that are bowl bound and Missouri beat three. Aside from an early season loss to Arizona State, every team Missouri lost to had at least nine wins, so they've at least been measured against solid(ish) competition. I'm going to give Missouri the edge here as they actually have a head coach and are looking to impress their new conference whereas North Carolina is looking ahead to their future under Larry Fedora and is probably a bit unorganized. Additionally, Missouri finished with three straight wins and North Carolina has stumbled badly in the final half of the season.

Current Bowl Records by Conference:

Conference Record
ACC 0-0
Big East 0-0
Big Ten 0-0
Big XII 0-0
C-USA 2-0
Independents 0-0
MAC 2-0
Mountain West 2-2
Pac-12 0-1
SEC 0-0
Sun Belt 1-1
WAC 0-3