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Western Michigan vs. Purdue: Pick 'Em & Open Thread

Our current record in bowl pick 'em as a blog is 5-3 (.625)

7-5 (5-3) 3rd MAC West

Little Caesar's Bowl
Ford Field
Detroit, MI
3:30 pm CST

6-6 (4-4) 3rd Big Ten Leaders

This game is every SEC fan's nightmare: a middle of the pack Big Ten team against a middle of the pack MAC team. When looking at the two teams' overall statistics, the one that stands out the most is that Western Michigan scores a lot of points (35.6 ppg.) Their offense is pass heavy to say the least as they rank 8th in the nation in passing yards per game and 86th in rushing yards per game. Despite all of the yardage through the air and all of the points, the Broncos didn't manage to beat anybody with a pulse. Six of their seven wins came against teams with losing records (including I-AA Nicholls State). Their best win came against 6-6 Ball State. Western Michigan has lost six straight games to Big Ten opponents.

Purdue put together a decent record by recent Purdue standards this season. They finished .500 overall and in conference play and even managed to beat Ohio State. Sure, beating the Buckeyes this year isn't like beating them in recent years, but you know Ohio State has more talent and should win just by showing up and beating them is no small accomplishment for a team like Purdue. Statistically speaking, Purdue is pretty middle of the road though they have a slightly above average rushing attack and a slightly below average passing attack. Purdue is a three point favorite.

Current Bowl Records by Conference:

Conference Record
ACC 0-1
Big East 0-0
Big Ten 0-0
Big XII 1-0
C-USA 2-0
Independents 0-0
MAC 2-0
Mountain West 2-2
Pac-12 0-1
SEC 0-0
Sun Belt 1-1
WAC 0-3