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California vs. Texas: Pick 'Em & Open Thread

Our current record in bowl pick 'em as a blog is 7-4 (.636)

7-5 (4-5) 4th Pac-12 North

Holiday Bowl
Qualcomm Stadium
San Diego, CA
7:00 pm CST

7-5 (4-5) 6th Big XII


Running kind of behind today so I'm not going to go into any detail here. I'm pretty much just getting the graphics up so y'all can vote. Two teams with identical records both overall and in-conference. Neither have any impressive wins. Cal beat a 7-5 Utah and a 6-6 Arizona State whereas Texas beat 6-6 Texas A&M and 6-6 Iowa State. They had a common opponent (UCLA) that Texas beat and Cal lost to. They both got slaughtered by a couple of teams. Vote and chime in with your rationale below.

Current Bowl Records by Conference:

Conference Record
ACC 1-1
Big East 0-1
Big Ten 1-0
Big XII 1-0
C-USA 2-0
Independents 0-0
MAC 3-1
Mountain West 2-3
Pac-12 0-1
SEC 0-0
Sun Belt 1-1
WAC 0-3