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Washington vs. Baylor: Pick 'Em & Open Thread

Our current record in bowl pick 'em as a blog is 8-4 (.667)

7-5 (5-4) 3rd Pac-12 North

Alamo Bowl
San Antonio, TX
8:00 pm CST

9-3 (6-3) 3rd Big XII


Whoah! What is this we have here? Two teams with winning records in their conference? Unreal. Never thought I'd see it based on the first ten days or so of bowl season. And let's not forget the Robert Griffin III love-fest we'll hear tonight. Mark Ingram and Cam N**ton both broke the bowl curse that often hangs over the teams of Heisman winners. Can RG3 keep the streak going? This will be interesting if for no other reason than that.

Considering how bad Washington was under Ty Willingham (0-12 in his last season) the fact that Steve Sarkisian has put them in bowl games in back to back years after a barely sub-.500 first year speaks volumes to his turnaround of the Washington program. Can Baylor come out and play and not believe the hype that they're somehow super special for going 9-3? (Even if they are Baylor.) Vote and chime in with your reasons below.

Current Bowl Records by Conference:

Conference Record
ACC 1-1
Big East 0-1
Big Ten 2-0
Big XII 1-0
C-USA 2-0
Independents 0-0
MAC 3-1
Mountain West 2-3
Pac-12 0-2
SEC 0-0
Sun Belt 1-1
WAC 0-3