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2011 NSD Thread II: Pagan, Calloway Sign With 'Bama; Kouandjio Remains Unsigned; Collins Signs With Kentucky

Editor's Note: All of the substantive information included in this piece are the same as in the original NSD post, but comments were getting high in that thread, so we'll start anew here with the updates.

National Signing Day is once again upon us and it looks like this could be an eventful day for Alabama. Several heavily recruited prospects will be announcing their decisions today -- though there are conflicting reports as to whether Jadeveon Clowney will sign today or delay his decision until February 14th -- and as usual there is some uncertainty with some players currently committed to schools but who may spurn their commitments once they put the ink on the dotted line.

In an attempt to streamline this day as much as possible and keep the latest news in a reader-friendly format, we're going to try to keep everything in this one thread. We're going to break everything down into three categories -- (1) announcements occurring today, (2) the letters of intent from current 'Bama commitments as they come in, and (3) notes of interest regarding other schools and prospects from around the country -- and we will update this thread accordingly throughout the day as news develops.


Barring some surprise, seven players will be announcing their respective decisions today where there is at least some legitimate possibility that they may sign with Alabama (eight if Clowney signs today). Those seven are as follows with the time of announcements (if made public at this time):

Jeoffrey Pagan (8:00): The first big surprise of the day rolls in as Jeoffrey Pagan signs with Alabama over Georgia. This one is a big coup for 'Bama as many felt he was a Georgia lock for much of the past week, but 'Bama apparently closed strong. He's a high risk / high reward signee with the knee injury, but even so he was heavily recruited. Add him to the list of those with dramatic recruitments, first committing to Florida before de-committing, then committing to Clemson, de-committing again a few days later, then looking UGA-bound before signing with 'Bama. His official visit to Alabama looks to have changed things in UA's favor.

Erique Florence (8:00): Absolutely no surprise here as Erique Florence signs with Auburn. I've speculated for months that he was a silent commitment, but nevertheless this one is officially over.

Nickolas Brassell (9:00): No major shock here as Nickolas Brassell signs with Ole Miss. We made a run at the Batesville product, but with him being a mere 30 minutes from Oxford this one was always going to be a fairly tough pull with the early playing time offered by Colonel Reb.

Robensen Therezie: After some rumblings that he may pull the late switch to Alabama, Therezie upheld his earlier commitment and signed with Auburn. The Tigers missing out on Marcus Roberson probably didn't hurt their chances here.

Brent Calloway (10:00): And Brent Calloway ends up in Tuscaloosa, spurning Auburn when it counted. Cue the hilarious feedback from the Auburn Fambly complaining about the undue influence of his parents (amusing, I know). Either way, while it's nice to have Calloway's talent on hand, the kid is going to have to get it together mentally and commit to playing the game before he's going to make any real contributions on the field. The raw talent is obviously there, but admittedly he's a bit of a risk.

Cyrus Kouandjio (11:00): After sporting a New Mexico hat at his school earlier today, Kouandjio signs with Auburn. Damn, damn, damn... no way to spin this one any other way, this one hurts. He'll probably start next year as a true freshman, and barring injuries it's really hard to see him not being a superstar one day. And seriously, people, don't be douches here. I'm all for calling Auburn out on suspicious recruiting practices when there is a justifiable reason for doing so, but there is no sign of impropriety here -- besides, do you really think Auburn would pay a guy whose brother is at 'Bama? -- and by all accounts Cyrus wanted to pave his own way and at Auburn he'll likely be able to start at left tackle immediately. No use making more out of it than that, so best of luck to Cyrus moving forward; just hate we couldn't get him. Seriously, don't be that guy.


Hold the phone for now. Per Andrew Bone:

Developments happening right now with Cyrus Kouandjio. He has not signed with Auburn. @ says this one is not over yet

UPDATE II: Per Kristen Kenney of, by relay from Andrew Bone:

Well guys I just spoke with Kristen. She said she does not expect Cyrus to sign his letter of intent today. He told her after the announcement he has "big doubts" about his decision and feels like he made the wrong choice.

Isiah Crowell (12:30):As expected, Isiah Crowell committed to Georgia. Kudos though on a unique signing ceremony... he puts on an unbelievably ugly UGA hat, and then pulls out out a Bulldog puppy. Hate to see him going to Athens, but give the kid some serious credit on originality.

Daryl Collins signed with Kentucky this afternoon, spurning the greyshirt offer from Alabama. Perhaps the best move for both parties, but either way best of luck to him in Lexington.

Commitment LOIs received

Of the current Alabama commitments nearly all are expected to fax in their signed letters of intent today, but there is some uncertainty surrounding LaMichael Fanning and Daryl Collins (who will announce at 1:45). We'll update here throughout the day as the LOIs begin rolling in, and any name you see listed here has faxed his letter of intent into Tuscaloosa (EE stands for early enrollment signees who have already enrolled at Alabama):

Quentin Dial (EE)

Trey DePriest (EE)

Aaron Douglas (EE)

Phillip Ely (EE)

Dee Hart (EE)

Vinnie Sunseri (EE)

Jesse Williams (EE)

Ronald Carswell (EE)

Wilson Love (EE)

Ryan Kelly

Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix

Jabriel Washington

Xzavier Dickson

LaMichael Fanning: Turns out that late official visit to Auburn was harmless

Isaac Luatua

Chris Jones

Malcolm Faciane

Marvin Shinn

Danny Woodson, Jr.

Bradley Sylve

D.J. Pettway

Notes of Interest From Around the Country

Even though they will not be signing with Alabama today, we'll nevertheless keep an eye on a handful of prospects from around the country, such as Jermauria Rasco, Antonio Richardson, Marcus Roberson, Gabe Wright, Spencer Region, and others. We'll update here as those signatures come across.

Marcus Roberson ends his whirlwind commitment by signing with Florida. Long expected to be a heavy Auburn lean, Roberson surprisingly committed to Texas Tech, de-committed days later, committed to Auburn, backed out again, and today decided to state in-state by signing with Will Muschamp and the Gators.

Tony Steward signs with Clemson. No word yet on whether or not he technically considers his hair style a finger-in-the-electrical-socket design or whether that's just by coincidence.

Antonio Richardson signs with Tennessee over Georgia and Auburn. This one is a pretty big get for Dooley, and admittedly he has put together a pretty good class. On the upside, there's still no real evidence that he's much of a coach.

Spencer Region signs with Clemson, purportedly over Auburn but I'd bet a wad of cash they didn't give him a firm offer. And with that ends this ten month train wreck. Note to future recruits, if you ever want to look at a good case study of what not to do during your recruiting process, pay close attention to this guy.

Tim Jernigan signs with Florida State over LSU and a slew of others, including Alabama. Per his announcement, location played a big role in him staying home.

Buck Allen signs with USC in a bit of a shocker, and I'm thinking this one had something to do with the likely loss of De'Anthony Thomas for the Trojans. Either way, best of luck to Allen, he seems like a good kid and wanted to sign with 'Bama, but we just didn't quite have room for him.

Gabe Wright signs with Auburn, sporting a Barner hat that says "Nick Who." So, yeah, Auburn people are just as obsessed as ever, not that anyone legitimately expected that national championship and Heisman Trophy to ever change a century plus of a serious case of the little brother complex, but nevertheless.

Floyd Raven will sign with Texas A&M after his LOI to Ole Miss was voided. No clue what happened there. (ed.- Insane Mom forging his signature happened, that's what.)