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The Obligatory Cyrus Kouandjio Recruiting Bedlam Thread

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As you all know by now, Cyrus Kouandjio committed to Auburn earlier this afternoon live on ESPN at a press conference from Dematha High School. He was presumably signed, sealed, and delivered, and then this came across from Andrew Bone:

Developments happening right now with Cyrus Kouandjio. He has not signed with Auburn. @kristenkenney says this one is not over yet

Now, Kristen Kinney has elaborated further, and it certainly seems like this is not a simple delay, as there are apparently serious concerns from Cyrus regarding his prior commitment. Per the Live Blog:

Well guys I just spoke with Kristen. She said she does not expect Cyrus to sign his letter of intent today. He told her after the announcement he has "big doubts" about his decision and feels like he made the wrong choice.

She said Cyrus told her Auburn was the first school that came to mind when he was announcing his decision. He had not talked to his parents are to his brother, Arie, prior to the announcement.

And with that, the recruitment of Cyrus Kouandjio has turned into sheer bedlam. Hence we're going to start swingin' cacti around here...

Who knows what happens from here, but at least the upshot is that we literally have absolutely nothing to lose in this case. And frankly the fact that Kouandjio apparently committed to Auburn without having discussed any of it with either his parents or his brother probably spells good things for us moving forward, considering Arie is at Alabama and that his parents did not accompany him on his official visit to Auburn. It remains to be seen if we can somehow pull off this Hail Mary, but at least we still have a chance and some legitimate hope moving forward. My gut instinct is that the longer this process plays out the better our chances; I think a delayed decision clearly favors us.

Hopefully we can somehow find a way to pull this one out, but one way or the other we'll dedicate this thread solely to the latest developments regarding Kouandjio's signature. Hope for the best.

Update: The official word right now straight from the mouth of Cyrus Kouandjio:

"I have big doubts about my decision.  I feel like I may have made the wrong choice."

Update II: The latest from Kouandjio is that he may make a decision later tonight, but at the very least will discuss things with his parents before making a final decision. Per Tide Sports:

Kouandjio's coach at DeMatha High School, Bill McGregor, said he was told by the player this afternoon that Kouandjio is not sure where he will sign and that he will talk to his parents before making a final decision, possibly later today or tonight.

Update III: The latest official statement to come from Cyrus Koundjio:

"Just not completely sure...want to be around the fam and just wait."