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Jean Claude Kouandjio: "Family Vote" Coming Tonight

How do you even write the lead for this one? Per the Tuscaloosa News:

The Cyrus Kouandjio saga took another turn this evening when the highly-recruited offensive lineman's father told The Tuscaloosa News that the family will vote some time tonight on the player's college destination.

Jean Claude Kouandjio said his son struggled with a decision of whether to play at Alabama or Auburn late in the recruiting process, and had not slept for three days. The father advised his son to turn off his phone after he received between 900 and 1,000 text messages in the days leading up to his announcement on ESPNU.

Wow. Not to make it more a cliched adjective than it already is, but this is going to be an epic decision one way or the other. Given how good of a player Kouandjio projects to be regardless of who he signs with, for better or for worse this will be remembered for many years to come. Alabama and Auburn haven't fought over an offensive lineman like this since Willie Anderson way back in January of 1993.

And who even knows how a family vote would work? The father wanted him to play at Alabama alongside Arie, and thought that was going to be the case, but even so reiterated in the aforementioned article that the final decision would still rest with Cyrus. "Family vote" notwithstanding, it sounds like it's still going to come down to whoever Cyrus wants to sign with, and contrary to what some people it does not seem like this will be a case where the family demands he sign with a certain school.

One way or the other, I imagine we'll hear something relatively soon, probably in the next day or two at the absolute latest. We'll update as necessary when more substantive news comes across.