The Newton Tapes: Scott Moore Interview


Interesting interview in Huntsville on 97.7 today. Mp3 linked above. (about the tapes) at about 1:30 in the audio Host: "Tell us... of what you heard." Select portions of interview: "There are people who doubt the validity of the tapes... I just wanted to confirm that they do exist. I think it's important..." "There are some very incriminating... things on the tapes." "The bottom line is, these numbers we keep hearing about - this $150k offer from TN, this $180k offer from Auburn, those came from Cecil Newton. They didn't come from Auburn or Tennessee. They came from Cecil Newton..." "I never heard anything on these tapes that would implicate MSU." "$150k offer from TN, and a $180k offer from Auburn. I heard him say that. I've seen the tapes... They exist, that's the bottom line." "[there are] quite a few [tapes] from several different people." "I find that hard to believe that Cam didn't know what was going on." "MSU came back and said, 'listen, we're not going to do anything for you. But if you go to Auburn, we're going to turn you in.'" And the doozie as quoted from TSK: "Moore said that one of the tapes has Cecil Newton asking for money from Mississippi State with Cam in the room at the same time."