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Cyrus Kouandjio Watch Enters Day Two: UPDATE - No Announcement Before Friday

As day two of the Cyrus Kouandjio Watch begins, there is no real news this morning. The latest from the Tuscaloosa News, for example, is basically just a re-hash of what we knew late last night:

The father figured his sons would be reuniting in college up until the moment Cyrus made his nationally-televised announcement he was going to sign with Auburn.

"I told him to go with his feeling. ... I thought that he was joining his brother at Alabama," Jean Claude Kouandjio said.

There is some unconfirmed chatter coming from a few radio stations that Cyrus will announce a decision at 11:00 today (no clue on a time zone, whether eastern or central), but again that is all unconfirmed and in any event not being reported by any major news organizations at this point. Again, for now there is no major news or even any minor developments that we know of. Presumably, Cyrus is still uncertain as to what he will do and is mulling over his decision with his family.

I would expect that a decision -- or at least a new time frame for a decision -- would come down sometime today, but for now things are tight-lipped in Hyattsville. We'll update when something more substantive comes across. Hope for the best.

UPDATE: Unless something changes (and really, why wouldn't it?), Kouandjio's decision won't be known until tomorrow at the earliest:

"If he makes a decision today, you will have it tomorrow in the morning," Jean Claude Kouandjio, the father, said. "He's still confused. We keep talking with him, I don't think he's ready yet. He's the one that who wants more time."

There is no timetable for a final decision, Jean Claude Kouandjio said: "I'm hoping that it will be as soon as possible."

OTS mentioned yesterday that the longer this drags out, the better it will be for us.  Unfortunately, that may not be the case as Iowa is now apparently back in the mix:

"He's deciding between Alabama, Auburn and even Iowa," Jean Claude Kouandjio said. "It may even come back to Iowa. He's considering his options even more now. Those three (schools) have been floating in his mind"

Wherever this kid ends up, he better be worth it.

UPDATE II:  A couple of tweets you might want to be aware of just came across the ol' Twitter. First, from Andrew Bone:

Per @ who remains in Hyattsville, Md., Cyrus Kouandjio will not make a formal announcement. He will call the coaches,,,

@ has been told by the family she will be the first to know when Cyrus makes his decision. Stay with on this one!

Second, from @rivalsmike:

spoke again with cyrus kouandjio today but no further movement.

UPDATE III: To go along with that last tweet:

DeMatha High School coach Bill McGregor told that he will meet with Kouandjio early this afternoon.

"I spoke to Coach Chizik today," McGregor said. "He spoke to Cyrus today at noon (Eastern Time) and they had a conversation and Cyrus said that he just wasn't ready to make the decision yet."