2012 BCS National Championship Game Tickets


As you might be aware, the 2012 BCS National Championship game is aligned with the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Thus, the title game will be in the New Orleans Superdome on Jan. 9, 2012.

In anticipation of this, the organizers have unveiled the Team Ticket Reservation Marketplace this week. If you participate, essentially, you are paying for the right to purchase specific tickets to the game in the name of your team. If your team makes it -- you get to buy the tickets at face value. If you team doesn't -- you are out the cash.

The pricing is set by location in the stadium, the ranking of the team in question and how much people are bidding for the reservations. Here is a look at the various teams as of this morning (02/04):


Now that's the pricing for the reservation only. If your chosen team makes it to the title game, you then get the option of purchasing the specific tickets at face value. So, for example, if you wanted to get two plaza seats for Alabama, if the Crimson Tide makes it you'll pay $250 at the price listed now and then $300 apiece for the tickets when they come available for at total of $850 (not counting surcharges and such).

So if this little wager (or insurance, if you prefer) sounds reasonable all you do is go to this page and follow the instructions. In addition, a seating chart for the Superdome can be found here and if you go here you'll find a good description of the various seats.

UPDATE 02/10: It looks like everything but the terrace seating for Alabama has been sold already. If you go to the site you see there are only resale bids for Plaza, Premium Terrace and Club Sideline at prices in the Alabama section. Less than a week in and the markups have started... this could get really crazy before all is said and done.

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