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If Arie's Twitter Feed is to be Trusted, Cyrus Kouandjio to Alabama (Updated: Cyrus Signs LOI, Faxed to Tuscaloosa)


Ending (?) one of the strangest recruiting sagas at Alabama that I can remember, Five Star OT prospect Cyrus Kouandjio has chosen to play his college ball for the Crimson Tide after committing to Alabama months ago, flipping his decision to Auburn on signing day before immediately backtracking and refusing to send in an LOI, and now letting his older brother Arie, who is already on the roster at Alabama, make the announcement without much warning or fanfare via Twitter. Consider me elated for now, but until the signed LOI is in Tuscaloosa I'm not willing to count this chicken as hatched just yet. Second biggest upside to all this, after the obvious win in grabbing such a highly regarded player and screwing with your in state rival in the process, has to be the possibility that fax cam girl will be back in action to receive his LOI.

Update via Andrew Bone:

Cyrus Kouandjio signs letter of intent with Alabama. Arie posted the news on Twitter. @ was informed earlier. It is official.

OTS: No use in trying to maintain even a shred of self-respect, I'm as giddy over this one as a school girl in the middle of Justin Beiber guest appearance on Glee.

The fact that we somehow stole this one away from Auburn -- and how in the hell we managed this one I'll never know -- has to be considered to be a huge coup. And oh yes, there will be a meltdown piece, and it will be epic...

Update II: Several folks are reporting that the LOI has been faxed, including Kristen Kenny and Chase Goodbread, so even though we don't have the concrete confirmation of fax cam girl posting his name, I'm ready to count the chicken as hatched now and join OTS in the squealing.

Update III: Chicken hatched, folks:

UA officially confirms Cyrus Kouandjio signing.

With Clowney more or less out of the picture at this point, I would say this year's signing class is finally complete, and with Kouandjio now in the fold we officially hold the #1 class per Rivals, #2 per ESPN, and #6 per