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Albert Means: Born Again Victim

A Memphis-based TV station caught up with Albert Means, the infamous pay-for-play recruit who, let's be honest, torpedoed our battleship for the better part of a decade. Money quote (no pun intended):

He didn't know what to do after learning Lang had reportedly been paid a six figure sum by Memphis businessman and Alabama booster Logan Young to steer his star recruit to the Crimson Tide.

"So that's how it was when all of this came out when I first heard about it. All of this stuff was going on. I was kept in the dark cause I didn't know."

It's good to hear that Means is doing pretty well and that he earned his Master's degree -- seriously, not shabby for a kid who literally had to get someone else to take his ACT just to be academically eligible and who was academically ineligible for a year at Memphis -- but having said that it's interesting to see that after six years of silence Means is apparently attempting to re-cast himself as a victim.

Six years ago ago, after Means had been perceived as the ultimate victim for the better part of five years, Lynn Lang came out publicly declaring that Means knew of the pay-for-play scheme all along and that in fact Lang himself had given Means $60,000 for his participation. When asked about that allegation then, Means simply uttered his "Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? I don't know" line and hung up the phone. Six years later, he never specifically addresses the Lang allegation, but he's nevertheless back to re-claiming his status as a victim.