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Glenn Harbin Headed to the Baseball Diamond?

I meant to address this one yesterday, but it slipped my mind. Per Aaron Suttles of the Tuscaloosa News, it looks like defensive end / Jack linebacker Glenn Harbin will be spending his spring on the baseball diamond:

Alabama defensive lineman Glenn Harbin has also joined the baseball team as a pitcher. I've been told he throws in the high 80s as a righty.

Harbin was pretty highly-touted by the self-proclaimed experts coming out of McGill-Toolen in 2008, but in reality he was a late addition that we only had room for when Robert Quinn decided to stay closer to home, and in three years on campus Harbin has yet to make any impact whatsoever on the gridiron. He redshirted as a true freshman, did not play at all as a redshirt freshman, and from the participation data at he did not play as a redshirt sophomore last year. If he has taken any snaps so far at UA, they have been extremely limited, and more than a few have openly speculated that he may consider a transfer closer to home this offseason.

If Harbin indeed plans to play baseball this spring, the odds of him sticking around at 'Bama seem fairly high, but it will be unlikely for him to have much of a future on the gridiron. Judging by his complete lack of participation in his first three years on campus, the odds of him ever becoming a meaningful contributor were extremely low as it was, but even the faintest of hopes disappears entirely if he is legitimately going to play baseball in the spring semester and thus miss the off-season strength and conditioning program and spring practice.

One way or the other, best of luck to Harbin in his baseball endeavors, but for the time being it seems you can probably close the book on his football career at Alabama.