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Oregon Probed by NCAA, and Sean Nelson Says Hello

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Remember the Colin Cowherd rumor from a couple of days back? Apparently the Oregon innuendo is indeed accurate, and in a huge shocker it turns out there may be some issues regarding the recruitment of 2010 Oregon signee Lache Seastrunk, among others. Per ESPN:

NCAA officials are examining whether a Texas man helped steer high school football prospects to defending Pac-10 champion Oregon, and Ducks officials on Thursday told that the school paid the man $25,000 in the spring of 2010 for recruiting services.

Sources close to the inquiry told that NCAA officials are taking a closer look at Oregon's recruitment of running back Lache Seastrunk, a redshirt freshman from Temple, Texas, who was one of the country's most highly recruited prospects in 2010. Specifically, the NCAA is asking what role Texas-based trainer Willie Lyles played in Seastrunk's decision to attend Oregon, the sources said.

And guess what? Luck be a lady, it looks like we've got some ties to Sean Nelson and Thibodaux here as well:

The NCAA, according to sources, is also examining Lyles' relationship with Sean Nelson of Thibodeaux, La., whose own relationship with top football prospects has been scrutinized by the NCAA. Last month, NCAA investigators interviewed former Thibodeaux High School coach Dennis Lorio about Auburn's recruitment of receiver Trovon Reed and offensive lineman Greg Robinson this year. Reed signed with Auburn last year; Robinson signed with the Tigers in February.

So, yeah, going to be a fun offseason folks. My advice? Invest heavily in popcorn futures.