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Is There a Mendoza Line for College Football Quarterbacks?

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Who knows if the conceptualizations of the bottom of the barrel batting average of Mario Mendoza has been extended to the college football world, but if there is a Mendoza Line for college football quarterbacks, Tyler Bray was well below it in the Tennessee spring game yesterday. Per The Tennessean:

It's the end of spring practice. Do you know who your No. 1 quarterback is?

Derek Dooley does. It's Tyler Bray.

Nevermind what happened in Tennessee's Orange & White Game on Saturday, when Bray was a horrific 5-for-30 for 122 yards with one touchdown.

5-30? Five successful tries out of thirty attempts? Hell, son, that's terrible even in baseball, much less football. And against that defense? Perhaps he should spend less time working on the throat-slashing gestures and more time trying to complete a screen pass here and there. I mean, what can you even say to a stat line like that?

And isn't it just delightful to know that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we're going to sodomize the Vols yet again this year? Perhaps we should start a countdown calendar to that glorious day here at RBR? Hell, personally, I say we ought to tell Mike Hamilton we'll move the game to Knoxville just to see all the puke orange deserting that garbage dump in the early third quarter for the third trip in a row. Either way, just smile and wave, boys, smile and wave. Save the inevitable pointin' and laughin' for late October.