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The Return of RBR Reading Room

What a desolate place this is...

With the conclusion of the A-Day game the long horrid off season stretches out interminably before us once again. It's going to be a hard slog this year given the outcome of 2010 and the promise 2011 holds for our beloved Crimson Tide. 

Yet never fear! The Roll Bama Roll Reading Room is set to return this week to help you survive the ordeal. We've got 19 books on tap to be reviewed and plan on posting a new one each and every Tuesday morning from now until the week the season begins. The primary focus will remain on books about the Crimson Tide but this year will also see the inclusion of a few books that look at college football in a historical context. 

Over the past two off seasons we've amassed reviews of 30 books that mostly concentrate on Alabama football but there are a handful that look at the wider sport as well. So if you can't wait for this year's offerings we urge you to check out the Reading Room archives (available here or in handy graph form after the jump).

Title Author Date Posted Reviewer
100 Things Crimson Tide Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die Christopher Walsh July 6, 2010 kleph
A Damn Good Yankee Gregory Kordic Aug. 11, 2009 kleph
A Time of Champions Steve Townsend Aug. 17, 2010 kleph
Ain't Nothin' But A Winner Barry Krauss & Joe M. Moore Aug. 17, 2010 kleph
Alabama Football: Stallings to Saban Donald Staffo April 20, 2010 kleph
Another Season Gene Stallings & Sally Cook Aug. 25, 2009 kleph
Bama After Bear Donald Staffo Aug. 4, 2009 kleph
Bear Paul W. Bryant & John Underwood Sept. 1, 2009 kleph
Blue Collar Mentality Tom Barbour June 8, 2010 Nico2.0
Braggin' Rights Bill Cromartie May 25, 2010 JCCW Jerry
Bragging Rights Richard Ernsberger July 13, 2010 CocknFire
Building A Championship Football Team Paul W. Bryant & Gene Stallings July 20, 2010 OTS
Coach Keith Dunnavant Aug. 31, 2010 kleph
Coach Tommy of the Crimson Tide Naylor Stone June 30, 2009 kleph
Crimson Nation Eli Gold Aug. 18, 2009 kleph
Crimson Tide Madness Wilton Sharpe June 1, 2010 kleph
Fumble James Kirby April 27, 2010 T Kyle King
How Good Do You Want to Be? Nick Saban & Brian Curtis June 23, 2009 kleph
I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow… Joe Namath & Dick Schapp May 5, 2010 Todd
Namath Mark Kriegel May 5, 2010 Todd
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer Warren St. John July 14, 2009 kleph
Snake Ken Stabler & Berry Stainback July 27, 2010 Todd
Tales of the Tide ed. Clint Lovette & Jarrod Bazemore Aug. 4, 2010 kleph
The Junction Boys Jim Dent July 6, 2009 kleph
The Last Coach Allen Barra June 9, 2009 kleph
The Missing Ring Keith Dunnavant May 11, 2010 kleph
Turnaround Tom Stoddard July 21, 2009 kleph
Twelve and Counting ed. Kenneth Gaddy June 16, 2009 kleph
Varsity Green Mark Yost Aug. 10, 2010 Nico2.0
Wallace Wade Lewis Bowling July 28, 2009 kleph