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The Day After: Alabama Digs Out from the Tornadoes

Taylor Nichols

Tuscaloosa this morning. Via Izzy Gould

It's morning in Tuscaloosa and things are looking just about as bad as we expected. The death toll across the state is now at 131 and expected to climb as searchers continue to work. Overall, almost 200 people have been confirmed dead due to the deadly line of storms that crossed the south yesterday. The stories that emerging are harrowing.

The sheer scale of the disaster has made it a major news event so there's very little Roll Bama Roll can do to add to that. For the most part from here on out we will be providing information about where folks can help and exchange information.

>> For people seeking shelter or looking for missing persons in Tuscaloosa, you can visit the Belk Activity Center located at 2101 Bowers Park Drive. We'll also do what we can to find folks but, be aware, there's just so much possible given the chaos of the situation right now. If you are looking for someone we suggest you check the Red Cross' online Safe and Well registry. The Tuscaloosa News has a page up for people seeking friends and family as does Fox 6.

>> If you are in Tuscaloosa and can lend a hand you can volunteer at St. Mathias Episcopal Church at 2310 Skyland Boulevard East across from Wal-Mart. Starting at noon today they will be organizing groups to help out across the city. Show up ready to clear a lot of debris and work till dark. They will also be working Friday and Saturday. Volunteers can also call (205) 561-4169 as per the city.

One thing we can't stress enough is unless you are an emergency worker stay out of the affected areas. We've had multiple appeals from EMS officials requesting this. Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox just said that it will be at least two days since conditions in the city are still too dangerous.

>> For those outside of the city and state itself and want to help, your number one stop is the American Red Cross. The Salvation Army is also organizing efforts to help out. A donation to them helps not just those affected in Tuscaloosa but victims across Alabama. And you might also take RickMuscles suggestion as well - give blood today.

>> We would also like to thank our football rivals who have already begun to help out. There is already a Toomer's for Tuscaloosa group formed by Auburn fans to help out. They are working on setting up a donation fund and organizing groups to head to T-Town to lend a hand. A coalition of Penn State fans are working to collect donations as well.

We'll be updating this post with more information as becomes available. Please feel free to share your experiences and any helpful information you might know in the comments.

UPDATE:: The website Legislative Barbie has posted a pretty exhaustive listing of relief efforts in Tuscaloosa and statewide compiled by Brittany Turner and Lamont Pearson.