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[UPDATE] Trevor Lacey Chooses Alabama | Trevor Lacey Announcement Live Stream

There's quite a bit of buzz going around the Twitters that Trevor Lacey has chosen the Crimson Tide over Kentucky, Auburn, and Kansas, but before we start counting that chicken let's watch it live to find out. Announcement is set for 2:00pm CST.

UPDATE: And we have ourselves a five star, Lacey has chosen the Crimson Tide. Welcome aboard.

UPDATE II: Matt is in the middle of nowhere right now, but he has this to say on the signing:

I’m away on a retreat with no computer and sketchy phone service, so it will be hard to do a full report, but wow. Hard to explain just how big this will be if he indeed qualifies (still no guarantee of that, although those around him seem to think he’s fine).

Regardless of what he can do for us on the court and whether he even qualifies, today’s announcement sends a huge message to the college basketball world that Bama is prepared to recruit with the big boys and keep the very top talent in the state even when the Kentucky’s, Kansas’s, etc. come calling. I’ll have more later when I get the chance on our entire class. Things are looking very, very good for our basketball program under Coach Grant.