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The Roll Bama Roll Trivia Challenge

trivia montage
trivia montage

We here at the Roll Bama Roll brain trust are unified by three things, our profound love for all things Alabama Crimson Tide, our fanatical devotion to Nick Saban and a kind of disturbing enjoyment for trivia in all its manifold expressions but particularly as it applies to No. 1 and No. 2 on the list.

So we put our heads together and came up with a list of questions for you. Some of these are relatively easy, some are relatively hard and at least one is bordering on being a trick question.

  1. William G. Little is credited for introducing the game of football at Alabama in 1892 after learning it at prep school in the Northeast. What school did he attend?
  2. Who did Nick Saban hire as his offensive line coach upon arrival at Alabama in 2007?
  3. Where was Paul W. Bryant's first coaching job?
  4. In the 1979 Sugar Bowl, who made the tackle on Penn State receiver Scott Fitzkee that stopped a sure touchdown and put the ball one yard line leading to the famed Goal Line Stand?
  5. What car did Ken Stabler's dad give him for winning a key game while The Snake was in High School?
  6. Most people know that Bryant received overtures from the NFL's Miami Dolphins while at Alabama, but which NFL team tried to hire Bryant away from Kentucky?
  7. Who recovered the last-minute onside kick in the 1998 comeback against LSU that has come to be known as The Battle in the Bayou?
  8. What was the alias and real name of the person who allegedly funneled money from Logan Young to Lynn Lang for the signature of Albert Means?
  9. In 1957 when Alabama initially appealed to Bryant, then the head coach at Texas A&M, to take over in Tuscaloosa he recommended they hire another coach instead. Who was it and where was he coaching at the time?
  10. In the past 100 years, how many of Alabama's head football coaches have been natives of the Yellowhammer State?

BONUS Question: How many regular season SEC championships has Alabama won in basketball?

Answers after the jump. No fair looking before you make a good faith attempt at answering. And if we made any mistakes, they're Todd's fault.

1. Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. A 1946 book on the history of Alabama Football mistaken listed Little as a student at Phillips Exeter which is located in New Hampshire. The archivist at the Andover school has confirmed Little attended Phillips academy in 1891.

2. Steve Marshall. While Joe Pendry held the job over the last four years, Saban initially chose Marshall who, ironically, Pendry had recommended for the position. Marshall left after two weeks to be an assistant with the Cleveland Browns and Saban offered the job to Pendry.

3. Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. After finishing his stint as a player at Alabama, head coach Frank Thomas sent Bryant to Union to help the coach there install the Crimson Tide system. He was paid $170 per month. A few months later, Thomas offered Bryant a job as a line coach at Alabama for $1,250 a year.

4. Don McNeal. Fitzkee thought he had a sure touchdown and would say after the game, "I have no clue where the Alabama defensive back came from." Without McNeal's tackle, the Goal Line Stand would never have taken place.

5. A 1963 Impala Super Sport. It replaced the 1954 Ford Stabler's dad used to entice him to stick with football. "Girls loved that SuperSport," Stabler recalled. "And I loved them right back."

6. The Washington Redskins. Bryant had struck up a friendship with the Redskins owner, George Preston Marshall, years before (Marshall brokered the agreement that gave Bryant his first head coaching job at Maryland).

7. Jason McAddley. Trailing 16-7 with under three minutes to play in Baton Rouge's dreaded Death Valley the Crimson Tide launched a dramatic comeback that earned the moniker, the Battle in the Bayou. The winning drive was made possible by McAddley's recovery.

8. Botto / Melvin Earnest. And that's all we have to say about that.

9. Jim Tatum, North Carolina.  According to Micky Herskowitz, Alabama initially contacted Bryant in early Nov. 1957 and he recommended Tatum. "Big Jim" had succeeded Bryant at Maryland and, in 1956, had returned to his Alma Mater, UNC.Before finally agreeing to return to Tuscaloosa, Bryant would also suggest Frank Mosley of Virginia Polytechnical and former Alabama star Harry Gilmer who had most recently been the head coach of the Detroit Lions.

10. One. Mike Dubose. Although a case can be made for Joe Kines who was born in a train car traveling from Cedartown, Georgia to Piedmont, Alabama in 1944. Kines served as interim head coach for the Independence Bowl in 2006 after Mike Shula was fired following the Iron Bowl.

BONUS: Seven. In 1934, 1956, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1987 and 2002. That's fourth best in the conference behind Kentucky (44), Tennessee (10) and LSU (9). Alabama has won the SEC Tournament six times.