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Duron Carter Delays Enrollment at UA

Not terrible news, mind you, but clearly not a welcomed sight regarding late signee Duron Carter. Per Andrew Bone:

I have just confirmed Juco WR Duron Carter will not enroll at Alabama until the second summer session (July).

The good news here is that this latest hold-up does not seem to be fatal. At issue is apparently a class that Carter took at Ohio State that will not transfer to 'Bama, which required him to take an additional course this June at Palm Beach Community, thereby delaying his matriculation to Tuscaloosa. Fortunately, though, Carter has done well in the classroom since leaving Ohio State, and passing another class should be more of a formality than anything else. Again, the issue here is essentially more administrative than academic in nature. In all likelihood, Carter will pass this course in June and arrive in Tuscaloosa for the second summer session in July.

Regardless, the delay in enrollment is not without concern. While Carter should still make it to Tuscaloosa later this summer, clearly we need him to step in immediately and provide a physical presence to the wide receiver corps and missing the first half of summer will only make it more difficult for him to do that. Delaying his enrollment by another month means he will miss significant time in the strength and conditioning program, not participate in many of the summer pass skeletons, and will have one less month to familiarize himself with the Alabama offense. 'Bama still needs Carter to contribute immediately, but this news will only make it more difficult for him to get on the field early in a meaningful role.