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POLL: Which OOC SEC Game Do You Most Want to See?

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Last week we asked you fine people which Alabama game you had circled on the calender next fall (the Nov. 5 LSU game won by a mile). This week we'd like to know about your preferred matchup for the rest of the conference. There are a number of damn good games for SEC teams vs out of conference (and non rival) opponents this fall.

The season will start with a bang on Sept. 3 with LSU taking on BCS National Champion runners up, Oregon at Jerry Jones' Palace of Wonders in Arlington, Texas. Meanwhile, in the Atlanta Georgia Dome, the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game will boast Georgia against Boise State.

LSU and Auburn will play out the second game of their home-and-away series with West Virginia and Clemson, respectively. And, on Oct. 1, Jerryworld welcomes the SEC once again when Arkansas matches up against the Texas A&M Aggies.

So we ask you, which of the SEC out-of-conference, non-rival games are you most looking forward to?