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POLL: Who Will Be the Best SEC QB in 2011?

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Off-season polls are fun. They give us a chance to ponder the upcoming season and pretend there isn't a vast gulf of weeks separating us from actual honest-to-god football. We discuss things, make our opinions known and post snarky gif's to irritate OTS. But don't ever think we have the slightest idea we know what the hell we are talking about.

Take, for example, the poll we ran last season on the topic of SEC quarterbacks. The question was speifically phrased thus: "Which quarterback is going to come crashing out of the woodwork and set the SEC on fire this year?" One Cameron Newton earned a grand total of 29 votes - just more than .2 percent of the total cast.

So here we are again.

The quarterback prospects this season are possibly even worse than last year. All the big guns have moved on to the pros and the prospects that remain didn't exactly set the conference on fire in 2010. Arguably the most successful of the lot has been Stephen Garcia. But he's currently in Steve Spurrier's doghouse and let's not forget he did lead the conference for interceptions thrown last season.

So we ask you, our loyal commentariat and lurk-volken, who in the SEC is gonna set the standard for quarterbacks next season?