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Darrington Sentimore to Transfer?

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The offseason attrition continues, with defensive lineman Darrington Sentimore looking to transfer in the latest round of "where can I get playing time?"  Per

A source close to the situation said that Sentimore's reason for transferring is related to a disciplinary issue, and that the former four-star recruit has had disciplinary problems in the past. Sentimore has not been formally dismissed from the Crimson Tide program, nor has he ever been publicly suspended.

Sentimore is a redshirt sophomore, seeing some mop up time but making very few contributions so far despite looking the part the past two A Day game.  With the defensive line looking to rebuild and generally featuring zero star power going into 2011 the loss of a fresh body that was at least looking like he could develop into a solid contributor is a blow to depth, but if this is, in fact, a disciplinary issue (which is speculated in the article and on the Twitter) then perhaps its best for all involved.