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UA Roster Attrition Continues

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Roster attrition has been strong this offseason, and with the latest news that attrition is apparently still ongoing. We now have some confirmation regarding two players previously thought to be headed out, as well as some news on yet another player whose time in Tuscaloosa may be coming to an end. Per Chase Goodbread:


To be sure, anything relating to Robby Green is largely irrelevant at this point, and should come as no surprise to anyone. No one legitimately believed he was going to return for his senior season, so the confirmation on Green is about as insightful as a weather report stating that the sky is, in fact, blue. The page has long since been turned on his UA football career.

Darrington Sentimore is a bit more interesting, and with the latest news it seems relatively clear that his potential transfer has little, if anything, to do with concerns over playing time. Given the suspension it's certainly possible that he is just looking to transfer as a way of avoiding his pending punishment, but hopefully he can get it together and stick around. No one doubts Sentimore's raw ability to rush the passer, and if nothing else he is a warm body in a unit lacking quality depth.

Add Keiwone Malone to that same general category as well. Rumors appeared last week that he was seeking a transfer -- actually, not so much rumors as erroneous reports by questionable "reporters" -- but he quickly debunked those hours later. It does not seem like a transfer is planned at this point, but given the suspension I suppose it's a possibility. Like Sentimore, hope Malone gets it together and sticks around. He stood out at times in the A-Day game, and he could have a role later this fall if he rectifies his off-field transgressions.