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POLL: Which SEC Coach is Most Likely to Lose His Job in 2011

One of the more diverting amusements of the off season is pondering the possibility of various coaches getting the pink slip for their team's performance during the upcoming season. Provided, of course, that your team isn't one that is preparing for that particular problem.

Once again, Todd's favorite sportswriter on the internets,'s Dennis Dodd, has produced his comprehensive list ranking the possibility of emininent unemployment for each and every FBS coach (ESPN's SEC blog rounds up the tally on the conference's coaches). The Coaches Hot Seat Blog then responded by quoting Emerson. FACE! (I think?)

Anyway, last year we took this poll and everyone was ab-so-lutely sure The Hat would be gone in Baton Rouge and Mark Richt would be joining in the unemployment line anon. Didn't happen. The only guys on that list who aren't now left of their own accord - Urban Meyer and Bobby Johnson. But this season seems much more ripe for turmoil among the head coaching positions for those unhappy few who don't show results.

So, we ask you, which SEC head coach is most likely to be invited to leave this season?