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Poll: What Alabama Game Do You Most Want To See Next Season?

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The first game of the season is 86 days away but if you are like us, you've already been spending a decent amount of time contemplating which contest on the 2011 Alabama schedule you most want to see. And, hoo boy, there a bunch of good ones to pick from.

Already, the Nov. 5 tilt between Alabama and LSU in Bryant-Denny Stadium has been tapped as the season's top contest by an poll. And has chosen it as the potential "Game of the Year." The Crimson Tide also travels to Happy Valley for the first time in a generation for a game Penn State has declared the season's "White House."

And there's a little unfinished business to be taken care of down on the plains some folks might be interested in checking out as well.

So our poll question this week is what regular season Alabama game are you most looking forward to this year?