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POLL: What Alabama Player Most Needs to Step Up in 2011?

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Lots more of this please, Josh.
Lots more of this please, Josh.

Over the past week, Todd has been outlining the key players on the Crimson Tide roster who need to push their game to the next level. The Time to Shine series highlighted players who have shown tons of potential but need to more fully realize it for Alabama to succeed in 2011.

Players like Trent Richardson, Mark Barron and Dont'a Hightower have already shown they can play at the highest level of their game. They need to maintain their high level of play. But guys like Brad Smelly, Nico Johnson, Brandon Gibson, Josh Chapman and Eddie Lacy have all been around the program awhile and it's time for them to become champions.

Now Todd made it a point to leave some newcomers off his short list arguing these are players who have to prove themselves from scratch. By definition they have to step up their game since that's what it will take for them to see any playing time. Some disagree with that point of view.

So to conclude the Time to Shine series we leave it to you. What Crimson Tide player do you think we most need to see step up their game for Alabama to have a successful season? We have listed Todd's five but if you feel it is someone else, click "other" and lets us know who you think it should be in the comments.