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The Jumbo Package | 7.14.11

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Ex-Tide and Tigers will play football again for tornado relief |

Former Auburn and Alabama football players will play each other in a flag football game next month in Hoover to raise money for tornado relief. The HeartinDixie Alumni Day Flag Football Game will be Aug. 13 at 7 p.m. at Spain Park High School. About 40 former players will play and sign autographs. Tickets cost $20 plus $5 for parking, said James Sanderson, a former Alabama student trainer who helped organize the event.

I Bleed Crimson Red: The Yahoo! "10" Story? It ain’t Bama, and it ain’t LSU

Dan Wetzel, another Yahoo! Sports writer who has worked extensively with Robinson on recent stories covering NCAA investigations or potential NCAA rules violations, has also alluded to the possibility of an upcoming piece. On July 13, Wetzel was interviewed by 104.5 The Zone, a popular sports talk radio show based in Nashville, Tennessee. In that interview, when asked, Wetzel told the hosts that Yahoo! Sports had no stories in the pipeline regarding either Alabama or LSU, and poked fun at the rumors that these two schools were somehow involved.

Tide In Texas Benefit Concert – Ashley Harrison Memorial Scholarship Fund

The North Texas Alabama Alumni Association will host a benefit concert on June 21 in Dallas to raise funds for the Ashley Harrison Memorial Scholarship fund. A Dallas native who lost her life in the tornado that struck Tuscaloosa on April 27.

Sweet Home Alabama Star Surprised by Suitors - CMT

Do you have favorite teams?

Oh, yes. Well, obviously Alabama. "Roll Tide," all day long! I'm obsessed with Alabama football -- anything to do with it.

Eric LeGrand Update: Paralyzed Rutgers lineman stands on his own two feet - Dr. Saturday

Today, cautious optimism gave way to a sense of genuine triumph: LeGrand posted two pictures to his Twitter feed this afternoon showing him on his feet in therapy for the first time. He accompanied the photos with a pair of messages, "Standing up little by little in therapy," and "Standing tall, we can't fall. Standing upright again."

Just another league lost in time - Greene County Daily World

For the first time in known sports history a woman was in charge of a team -- Birmingham lady bar manager turned team president Carol Stallworth -- and it gave another chance to the founder of two other maverick leagues (Gary Davidson who had helped found the American Basketball Association and the World Hockey Association) another shot at glory.

Both would ultimately fail and neither would find a rebirth of any note. In fact, after Davidson was bullied out of the role as commissioner in November 1974, he would fade into the sports woodwork and become a novelty of sorts for stories about the leagues he had a hand in building.


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No. 18 Mark Barron |

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