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The Jumbo Package | 7.15.11 #freebruce #firecraigjames

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ESPN Suspends Bruce Feldman Indefinitely, Apparently Over Mike Leach Book -

(ESPN Vice President and Director of News Vince) Doria, (ESPN the Magazine Editor-in-Chief Gary) Hoenig and ( Editor-in-Chief Pat) Stiegman informed Feldman today that he has been banned from writing for any ESPN entity, is forbidden from appearing on any ESPN platform, is not allowed to Tweet from his Twitter account nor participate in any promotion of a recently-released book in which Feldman played a role ... ... Multiple management and editorial sources at ESPN have told me in recent months that Feldman would only participate in the Leach book project upon direct approval from ESPN management - which Feldman indeed received. - Stallings to take his place game's elite

Gene Stallings will be honored this weekend for a career in college football spanning nearly 40 years. In South Bend, Ind., at the site of the College Football Hall of Fame, he will gather with his fellow inductees today for the start of festivities before slipping on his Hall of Fame blazer Saturday. At arguably the center of collegiate football, with Touchdown Jesus looking on from the University of Notre Dame, Stallings' lifework will be on display - his championship tenure at the University of Alabama, his years guiding the Texas A&M football program and even his 17 seasons as an assistant coach in the National Football League. In a room full of football men, in a town built on football, there will be talk of championships, of epic wins and heartbreaking losses. What won't be on display, however, are the moments that have defined the 76-year-old native of Paris, Texas - from his start as a high school player, to his special relationship with a special son, to his retirement to raise cattle on a remote ranch in Texas.

SEC Kickoff will be filled with predictions, but do they mean anything? (Hicks) |

Here's what you can count on to come out of SEC Media Days: very little that you don't already know or believe. Players will have been coached on what to say and not to say, and coaches will answer questions in generalities. Still, the stories, sound bites and video clips that come out of the three days of interviews will be the most-read, most-listened to and most-watched items on their respective sites.

Players staying in shape for lockout’s end | The Crimson White

Seattle Seahawks rookie offensive tackle James Carpenter has been working out in Duluth, Ga., at Competitive Edge Sports. He said it’s different doing things on his own, without a coach or teammates present all the time. "It’s different because I’m used to having coaches pushing me, making sure I get up, but now I have to get up myself," Carpenter said. "I was always a hard worker, so I have no problem with it, but nobody’s giving me a set time to get up now."

The 25 Least Valuable Players in the NFL - The Triangle Blog

Even the best cornerbacks usually look pretty bad as rookies, but [Kareem] Jackson allowed a league-worst 11.1 yards per pass attempt last season. If there's ever a Sporcle quiz on matching a receiver's name to the back of his jersey, Jackson will ace it.

Former Pahokee standout Nu’Keese Richardson arrested for failure to appear in court | High School Buzz

Georgia Tech’s ‘QB of future’ may re-open his recruiting after NCAA probation | AJC College Sports Recruiting