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The Jumbo Package | 7.19.11

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Alabama lineman lends helping hand for tornado relief | Philadelphia Inquirer

 Beaver Stadium can be an intimidating place for opponents. But Barrett Jones is looking forward to jogging into the Nittany Lions' lair when Alabama plays there on Sept. 10, eager to hear the roar of more than 100,000 Penn State football fans.

Not much rattles the massive Alabama lineman, and the trip to Happy Valley hardly qualifies as a venture into hostile territory for Jones, who has spent his last two spring breaks tending to earthquake victims in Haiti.

"I've always felt it's extremely important to use the platform that God's given me to do things other than just [play] football," Jones said.

Summer Snapshot '11: Alabama Crimson Tide - Black Shoe Diaries

If this year's Alabama team, with this schedule, loses two or more regular season games, it might be viewed as a huge disappointment. Alabama doesn't look like it will slow down any time soon. With the defense strong as ever, and the offense full of top recruits, there's no reason to discount the Tide as a prime national title contender in 2011.

Lester, Richardson on Camp list |

Running back Trent Richardson and safety Robert Lester were among 40 players named as a "player to watch" by the Walter Camp Foundation regarding its player of the year award. Football Recruiting - Rivals at 10: Biggest jokes

Here is a look at [Mike] Farrell's top 10 bizarre recruiting moments: 8) National indecision Speaking of press conference indecision, Hyattsville (Md.) DeMatha offensive tackle Cyrus Kouandjio might take the cake. On signing day last February, Kouandjio announced his decision on ESPN and then changed his mind - about five minutes later. Kouandjio, one of the nation's top five prospects, shocked the world by choosing Auburn over Alabama where his older brother, Arie, was a freshman offensive lineman.

The Price of a Victory in Big-time College Football - Black Heart Gold Pants

The incredible growth of college football has changed it irrevocably and will continue to change it in the future. The sheer numbers involved are becoming staggering in the era of multi-billion dollar TV deals. Its hard to wrap your head around.


A&M regents to have special meeting about UT network | Longhorns | - Houston Chronicle

A&M has added a closed-door session concerning the Longhorn Network to its regents’ regularly-scheduled meeting on Thursday and Friday, a person with knowledge of the situation said Monday. The agenda item is dubbed "Big 12 Conference." The execution session will be informational only, including concerning UT’s plans to air a Big 12 football game on the ESPN-owned network, and to potentially air high school games, the insider said. No action will be taken, the person added, the regents will simply be informed of the latest by lawyers concerning the deep-pocketed network.

Twitter | Jamie Newberg

ESPNU 150 QB Jameis Winston (Hueytown, AL) just confirmed that he will announce his decision on August 3rd.

Aaron Fleshner Posts Top-10 Finish at World Diving Championships - University of Alabama Official Athletic Site

Former Alabama diver Aaron Fleshner posted a top-10 finish in the finals of the 1-meter competition at the 14th FINA Diving World Championships Monday.

NCAA puts gag order on LSU over probe | The News Star |

For the second time in less than two years, the LSU football program is the subject of NCAA scrutiny."We're under a gag order not to discuss anything specifically," LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva said Friday during a break in the monthly LSU Board of Supervisors meeting. "That means the NCAA is still looking at us and asking questions."

Dennis Franchione Backs Out Of Contract To Play Hawai'i - Mountain West Connection

Recruiting is very important and especially for Texas State, but it is only a week and I doubt Franchione would go out and snag any recruit who may not be there after their trip to Hawai'i. Why not just focus on your team and take in the extra practice time and game to improve the players that are already on campus.

This decision is close to rivaling Franchione's bright idea to sell his secret newsletters at $1,200 per year to wealthy Texas A&M boosters about recruiting information that was withheld from the public.

College athletes are far from exploited - ESPN

The basic gist is that college athletes are the most mistreated individuals on campus, worked like dogs and barely scraping by while the adults who coach them get rich. There is some truth to that, of course, but for the most part it is a gross exaggeration -- if not an outright deception. I date the increased popularity of this narrative to the early 1990s, when Fab Fiver Chris Webber whined to author Mitch Albom about not having enough money for a cheeseburger while the school was selling his jersey for a handsome profit. That got a lot of play as a prime example of The Hypocrisy of College Athletics. The part Webber left out was that he was on the take at that time for thousands of dollars from booster Ed Martin. Oops.